Friedrichshafen - Andrzej Olchawa - Photography
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Graf-Zeppelin-Haus Friedrichshafen

A few months ago we were on a photo assignment for Skylife Magazine (for Turkish Airlines) to Friedrichshafen. We didn't spend much time there, it was just a weekend, but it was enough to see some nice places and check interesting restaurants. This is Graf-Zeppelin-Haus which also has a nice restaurant. At some point we stopped here for a dinner. Even though they were closing it already, the nice service let us order some food - they must have realised that we're very hungry travelers :-) Very nice service and good food, definitely recommended if you happen to be in the area. They also kindly let us take that photo :-)

Photo details: Nikon D800; 18-35mm f3.5-4.5; 30 sec at f/13; ISO 100.

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