Landscape - Andrzej Olchawa - Photography

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Light show at Carezza lake

Carezza lake is surrounded by woods and there's actually only one entrance point from which there's a view at a beautiful mountain range. It was an early afternoon and the light was still harsh when facing south, also the blue sky wouldn't add much to the scene. I noticed though that the clouds started gathering over the lake itself so I decided to walk the lake around and see how does it look from the other side, as I couldn't really see what's behind me because of high trees. This was one of those moments where, if you look at something interesting, hold on for a second and turn around 180 degrees. On north of lake there's another mountain range there and at that particular moment there was an amazing light show caused by the approaching storm. Moving over the lake clouds make it even more interesting, creating those nice light patterns. One of those perfect moments!

Photo details: Nikon D800; 28-300mm f3.5-5.6; 1/100 sec at f/16; ISO 100.

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