Cities at Night - Andrzej Olchawa - Photography

Below you'll see all the pictures that represent a city at night.

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Frankfurt's Lines

Recently I got the PC-E ‎Nikon‬ 24mm tilt-shift lens into my hands for some testing and decided to go to Frankfurt to capture straight lines. Initially I thought it's gonna be very easy, there are many tall buildings in Frankfurt, it turned out that I was wrong and in fact, it's not that easy. The problem with Frankfurt is that to actually see a tall building, you either have to stay away (which is already to far to clearly see the effect of Nikon PC-E lens) or stand next to it, which makes it impossible to shoot as it's to close already. So, what I decided to do is to take a photo which I always wanted to try - a skyline with lots of negative space (sky in this case). In order to do that with 24 mm lens, I had to get low and tilt the camera up to reduce the bottom part of negative space (river in this case) and include more sky. The problem with that approach is the buildings (or any straight vertical lines) will start leaning forward. So, here's the PC-E coming in hand :-)
I set the camera low but without tilting the whole body up, and instead, I used the tilt feature of the lens. It's a perfect example of how nice it works. I got lots of negative space on the top of the frame, and my lines are still strignt!
In post-processing, I didn't have to correct any distortions as I normally would with a wide angle, hance I didn't lose even a pixel. Pretty cool!

Photo details: Nikon D800; PC-E 24mm f3.5; 30 sec at f/9.5; ISO 100.

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